I believe that every voice is unique, and with that belief comes a unique teaching style tailored to each individual singer based specifically on their needs and desires. The basics, though, of any style of healthy singing are the same, and I teach in such a way as to improve vocal stamina, range, focus, and beauty so that a singer is able to sing in varying styles with an aesthetically pleasing and healthy quality. I do not teach to imitate other voices, which can be potentially damaging, but to find one’s own voice and live up to its full potential!

The essence of a good singing performance is not solely about technique, so in addition to learning the best way to perform a piece technically, the singer will also learn proper dramatic interpretation of whatever song they are working on. The singer will only work as hard on their music as they enjoy singing it, so we work together to pick songs that compliment the student’s taste, as long as they suit the voice in their range and maturity. If singing for a competition or solo opportunity, we will pick pieces appropriate to the venue in which the singer is performing.

For younger voices I carefully work to mold them as the developing period of a voice is a very vulnerable time in which the instrument could be easily damaged if not in careful guidance. I offer group lessons for younger singers focusing on the basics of healthy singing, note and rhythm reading, pitch retention, interval training, and sight singing. If a more mature voice is also in need of these basics skills they will be covered in their lessons.

Whether you’ve never sung a note, are looking to improve your singing voice, or hoping to become a soloist and prepare for an upcoming audition, I am committed to your success! Contact Voce dalla Cava now to enroll or for more information.